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ANARC Services, Committees and Publications

The following outlines the various services, committees and publications offered by ANARC to the radio monitoring community. When writing, always include a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE).

ANARC SWL Amateur Radio Net

Please note: the ANARC SWL Amateur Radio Net is currently on hiatus.

A weekly gathering of Amateur operators and radio monitors to discuss the subject of radio monitoring. Tune is Sunday mornings at 10AM Eastern Time on 7240 kHz Lower Side Band for the latest in shortwave listening, DX tips and up to the minute hobby news. Contributors share information via their own amateur radio stations or by telephone `gateway' stations operated by Amateurs who gather information via listeners telephone calls to be relayed to the net. Contributions are also accepted over IRC via the

channel. Network controls Dave Kirby N1DK, Harold "Hausie" Hausenfluck WB4JSP and Bob Curtis W1EXZ host a lively session each week. More information on this committee is available on Tom Sundstrom's ANARC SWL Net page. Dave Kirby N1DK also has a page which contains the bulk of listings from each week's net, whether over the air or over IRC.

Regional Meetings and Conventions

A number of our member clubs hold monthly meetings and/or annual club conventions in various locations around North America. Please write to ANARC for details on meetings or conventions in your area. Also if you know of a radio meeting or convention in your area which would appreciate receiving promotional material from ANARC, please contact us at the ANARC address. In addition to regional events, ANARC annually participates in 2 major events; the Winter SWL Festival in Kulpsville, PA in February or March and the Dayton Hamvention, Dayton, OH on the last weekend in April.

CPRV - The Committee to Preserve Radio Verifications

This committee is a 5 person group whose goal is to preserve QSL's belonging to hobbyists who are no longer active. Many QSL collections are often misplaced or discarded when their owners pass away or leave the hobby. It is hoped that through this committee's effort, more QSL's will be saved from loss or destruction. If you are interested in preserving you own or others collections, please contact Jerry Berg, 38 Eastern Ave., Lexington, MA 02173 USA for an information pamphlet about the committee, or visit the CPRV web site, which is part of Jerry's excellent site about the history of shortwave radio,

ANARC Guide to U.S. Monitoring Laws

Written by ANARC's Legal Counsel, Frank Taranella, this publication is a guide through the Electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986. It outlines what laws have been passed covering monitoring and scanners. While not the last legal word on these laws, comments and tests of the laws are listed. This 39 page publication is available from the ANARC address at the price of US$7.50 payable by cheque or money order to ANARC.

Contest Committee

Dr. Harold Cones is Chairman of this committee which organizes and administers the popular North American DX Championships (NADXC) held in March of each year. Complete information is available from Dr. Harold Cones, 2 Whits Ct. Newport News, VA 23606 USA.

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